Car Knowledge

If you want to rent a car in New Delhi, your age should be at least 20 years. But if your age is above 18 years, then you can also rent a cheap car in Delhi, but this happens only in less vehicles like economy, these last only for 1 year. You should have documents like driving license, passport. 1 copy Aadhar card. And payment for International Driving Permit rental is usually made by credit card,


How to protect your children

Whenever you come to Delhi, keep one thing in mind, pay attention to your children all the time because children do not understand. There is also a law here that children below 12 years of age should always sit in the back seat in a cheap car. ,

Which drive to take

Always take a driver who has legal knowledge, not that the bus should be driven against the law, it should not be prohibited, all types of vehicles run on the roads, like there is more crowd at night and other things.

What to eat with you

Always keep one thing in mind that take food with you in advance because if the children feel hungry then you will not have to stop the car. Do not eat anything with excessive oil because it will cause trouble to you and the children too and may your journey be peaceful. .

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