Nvidia boss Jensen Huang confident about AI safety

Discover Nvidia CEO jensen huang is confidence in Ai safety and it’s future implications. Explore his insights and perspectives on the responsible devlopment and advancement of artificial intelligence trchnology.

What is Ai seo say?

The famous AI expert said that I have full confidence that among the CEOs around the world and all our colleagues at NVIDA, we will adopt the same technology philosophy and design methods to keep the technology safe. He said this on Wednesday –
The AI ​​company has emerged after a month of getting into the chaos of open AI during which Simaleart Man was removed from the site by the board and then after the uproar, he was fixed for two years.

Nvidia boss Jensen Huang confident about AI safety

What is mr. hoang say?

During the drama in the company running AI, light was thrown on the fact that chatgpt is hampering the progress of big language model systems and the speed at which technology is progressing. ai
How is business competition?
Microsoft has criticized it with great courage, this was because of the difference of opinion on security-
Nvidia was able to use chatgpt in a computer belonging to Microsoft at the rate of Rs 10,000. The price of graphics processing point (GPUs) has increased by more than 3 times, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world. Is
In May, the firm included technology companies Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft in the elite club of companies whose stock market value is more than 1$ trillion (£822bn). I am not alone in my business. China Telecom has also said that it is AI but the company said that it intends to make CFO MENG WANZHOU an integral part of its business. How easy is it for it to give the world another option? want-
But Mr. Huang says that he is not afraid of such competition, saying that it is good for the progress of technology.
It allows us to do our best work and participate in a world that chips said is worth an estimated $41.6 billion according to Forbes.

Americi Report

When it dominates more than 90% of the market and mr hoang ai (£8.8bn) bn When designer china’s 7$ revealed that as of date almost 20% of its income has come from China
Nvidia warned that it may have a chance of reducing its November earnings report in selling till the end of this year because the earnings restrictions on America are aimed to stop China’s progress in this show.
The US said that these steps are designed to prevent China from acquiring new technology that it can use to strengthen its military, especially in areas of AI –
Working closely with the American government, Mr. Hoang said that to ensure this, the chips for the Chinese market are fully prepared with the existing regulations.

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Nvidia boss Jensen Huang confident about AI safety
What is Ai seo say?
What is mr. hoang say?
Americi Report

what Does The Future hold?

Despite the worsening of the situation between China and America in the same years, Nvidia’s Asian supply is concentrated in China, which has 35,000 parts in which (GPU) According to MR Houng, the graphics processing unit has chips made in Taiwan, Junubi Korea’s memory chips, Japan’s packaging. Technology and TSMC are the technologies that power the chips – This is the world’s newest computer. This is a wonder of technology. Now this is not just an opportunity but this wisdom is very important for implementation. This thing has been explained. Sealion of a big tongue is Nvidia with the government of Singapore, Mr Houng further said that Hikmat is working on Amli and has planned to make huge investment there along with the AI ​​model and also to unite the country –
Mr Houng further said that Singapore is a growing market for his company because it has startups there and its role as a center with data center for the region, hence it funds 1,100 AI environment Nizam – AI also these capital investors. What he said is, once we have that language, once we have that foundation, Singapore Foundation, then the rest of the world can then be equal on this – the first wave was American internet companies, the second wave is now the countries of the world. A country wants to build its own foundation to support its company and similarly now we are seeing on the set that there is a need to copy what has happened in America.

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